Richard Sandlant

Beautiful Framing

I'm an experienced picture framer based in the Canberra region, Australia, with a focus on the NSW South Coast.

I work part-time at 'Framing Matters' in Manuka, Canberra, and have a home workshop where I make high-quality wooden picture frames out of beautiful natural woods such as Blackwood, Jarrah, New Guinea Rosewood, Tasmanian Oak and Cherry.

I shape the mouldings myself and finish the frames to a high standard using oil and wax. The result is a beautiful natural picture frame that is itself a unique piece of art.  

My turnaround times are usually around 2-4 weeks, sometimes longer depending on the nature of the work, supplies and how booked-out I am.

If you would like to frame digital artworks, I can produce high-quality prints on my 17" Epson P800 SureColor printer. I also do landscape photography. To see my photography, please visit www.richardsandlant.com.

If you're interested, contact me to learn more!

Durras Lake Sunset