Picture framing with beautiful natural woods

Kingston Foreshore.jpg

Blackwood, Cherry, Jarrah, Meranti, New Guinea Rosewood and more ...

Picture Frame, 11 X 14", Blackwood


Gorgeous colours ranging from light golden-brown to deep brown, subtle beauty

Picture Frame, 11 X 14", Cherry


Beautiful reds with eye-catching grain color, clean, sharp and stunningly smooth

Picture Frame, 11 X 14", Jarrah


Rich, deep colours from deep browns to orange and burgandy, textured grains

Picture Frame, 4 X 5, Meranti


Subtle colours ranging from light pinks to deep reds / browns, lovely even texture 

Picture Frame, 11 X 14", Rosewood

New Guinea Rosewood

Golden brown to blood red colours, with gorgeous texture and beautiful grain

Picture Frame, 11 X 14", Distressed Pine

More available ...

Tasmanian Oak / Victorian Ash, Pine, different styles, including distressed